Surveillance Cameras

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, is a system that allows the owner to both monitor as well as record activity on his or her property.

We offer a wide-variety of products ranging from our own branded system to name brand systems. We offer both analog and IP solutions. There are many brands and models with different specifications. Therefore, Protech Security will not offer a specific brand. Instead, based on your budget and what you’re trying to accomplish, we will build a custom quote for you. Using our extensive field experience and product knowledge, we are sure to find a camera that will do the job for you.

Protech Security offers bullet, wireless, dome, IP, and covert with different varieties of resolutions.

We also offer access to view your place of business through your cameras using your smartphone. Today’s unsettling statistics reveal the cold hard truth about employee theft:

in 2009, retailers suffered a total retail loss of $33.5 billion. Employee theft comprised 43% of total losses. Shoplifting comprised 35% of total retail losses.